about us

Our Mission

The 5K for Kelsey is a non-profit organization that not only raises awareness about the effects of drunk driving, but serves as an opportunity for the community to come together and honor beautiful Kelsey Michelle. The 5K for Kelsey is not just a race but an entire day to celebrate Kelsey. All of the proceeds made at the event will go toward the Kelsey Nalepa Scholarship Fund!

evia yoes

Evia Yoes was just 14 years old when she had the idea about giving back in a way no middle schooler had done before.  “I first heard about what had happened through my aunt, and I didn’t anticipate that it would affect me the way that it did. I had never been close with Kelsey; I simply meet her once or twice through friends of friends so when I reacted the way I did I knew something was up. Like most my heart was completely broken for the Nalepa family but it was more than that. There is really no way for me to describe the feeling, I just knew deep down that I had to do something. I continued to pray about it and with every day that passed my desire to help grew stronger. I was so incredibly blessed to have so many friends, family that helped me make the 5K what it is today and I will forever be grateful.” Since 2017 the 5K has continued to grow in size and amaze everyone by what it has accomplished, and it wouldn’t be possible without our amazing founder.

Evia is currently taking online college courses allowing her to travel the world for missions’ work. When she graduates college, she wants to start a medical non-profit in Africa and start a family. “I just want to live everyday knowing I am doing everything I can to make a difference and honoring God with this life I have been blessed with.”